Do I have to wear a suit to work?

There was a time when women needed to act and dress more like men in order to have a successful professional life – luckily that time is NOT anymore!!!  Though women are appreciated more for being feminine and womanly, work attire is often overlooked or a lagging afterthought.

Truth is, we are in a world where first impressions count – why not make that first impression one that could set you apart from the ever-competitive working crowd.  Let’s talk about how to avoid some of the biggest mistakes women make in dressing for the workplace.

Don’t forget to dress for your “audience”.  Pay attention to your corporate culture – a more conservative look would be appropriate for a bank setting where clients need to trust the intelligence of their adviser, whereas a more personal and expressive attire would work in a design or advertising field where individuality is expected.  Whenever entering a new field don’t be afraid to enter into a new work style.  Add pieces or have your current ones professionally tailored to suit where you’re currently at.

Shopping the same store/wearing the same label again and again….and again.  It’s easy to get comfortable with the rhythm of “get up – get dressed – go to work”, but that’s the quickest way to look dated.  While it’s easy to stick with what has worked before, it’s important to get out of the rut to freshen up your rotation.  Add a piece from a more cutting edge line to update the basics that you have.  Accessories are also a fashionable way to add some pizzaz.

Wearing/buying clothes that don’t fit.  Whether too tight or too big, this is a major fashion blunder.  Pay attention to fit when you’re in the store.  Buy quality clothing that fits your biggest part and invest to have them tailored to your body (ex. buy pants to fit the hips and tailor the waist and hem).  There are VERY few people who can buy off-the-rack and find the perfect fit.

When in doubt, drop in to 104 Grey for a style consultation – it’s just part of our customer service!


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