How do I pair patterned pieces together?

Great news…you absolutely can wear different prints and patterns together!  Paisley paired with stripes?  Floral paired with gingham?  YES!!!  Mixing prints is a fresh and fashionable way to express an individual style – giving you a wondrously bohemian look.

The big secret to keeping your outfit chic (and not headache-inducing) is to choose pieces in the same color family.  Pair red-orange-yellow tones or blue-green-violet-pink tones together to be appropriately stylish.  When choosing accessories, be sure to stick in the color family, grab a neutral or pick a complementary color to make a statement (see last week’s post, How do I pair shoes with my outfit, for a full color wheel).  Jewellery doesn’t need to be too blingy or busy, stick to tone-on-tone or earth tones to keep the bo-ho look the focus.  More often than not, animal print (typically leopard and zebra) acts as a great base piece to build onto.

Some easy-peasy patterns to mix as you’re getting started are:

Stripes and floral

Plaid and calico

Geometric and floral

2 different florals

Geometric and aztec

Floral and conversational

Aztec and conversational

Leopard or zebra and anything!

As you get more comfortable with pairing patterns, let your individual flair become more evident by experimenting with your colors and accessories.


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