How to dress an hourglass shape?

Lucky for you gals, there is little you can’t wear.

An hourglass shape is considered the most desirable – think Marilyn Monroe and Beyonce curves! The main goal behind dressing an hourglass figure is to enhance your feminine shape without adding unwanted bulk. Your best bets are soft and flowing fabrics that hug not cling, crisp tailoring with a cinched waist and great belts. Shop for fitted clothes help to emphasize your slammin’ curves, but to get the ideal fit be sure to find a great tailor. Off-the-rack is designed to fit every body type, so shop to fit your curves (bust and hips) and have your clothes custom tailored at the waist, shoulders and hem. Dresses and skirts can be ideal for you, just add a belt to define your waist and give some sizzle to a simple outfit. To elongate, wear straight or gently flared pants. Shy away from bulky and stiff fabrics, baggy styles, shapeless dresses and very tapered pants.


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