How can I dress fashionably on a budget?

Well, this is actually a lot simpler than it sounds. First step is to determine what your budget is for the season. Next step, take “inventory” on what you have in your closet that is in good shape, fits and you feel good in – this will be a big help when you go shopping so that you’re not stocking up on duplicates or separates that you don’t have anything to pair with. Whenever you can, bring a few of your basics with you to try on in the store, this makes finding the perfect matching top, jacket or bottom much simpler. Also, ask the salesperson for help. Usually they are trained in fashion and can guide you on the trends to save on or splurge on, the necessities to top-up your current wardrobe, the shapes and colors that will flatter you best and suggest things that you may have otherwise passed by on the rack. A good salesperson is your best asset.

Lastly, a deal is only a deal if it fits and flatters. Focus more on buying pieces that flatter your shape and coloring rather than the latest “trend”.

Lastly, have fun with fashion, spend time trying on new shapes and colors and accessories. Be bold and confident with what you wear because confidence is the ultimate accessory.


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