What’s Up With Scarves?

In women’s fashion, there is one accessory that is often completely overlooked, yet can offer endless possibilities for enhancing the look of your wardrobe. That accessory, of course, is the scarf. Eternally fashionable, scarves make the most versatile accessory for women. The available variety of fabrics, shapes and sizes make the scarf ideal for all seasons and occasions. You can look chic and sleek by wearing your neck scarf by learning different ways to wear them; make sure you find the way that most fits your style. Lightweight silk scarves are best worn with a scarf pin to secure them. Using a brooch or scarf pin can also be a great way to add even more class to your outfit. If you don’t like scarf pins or a clip, you can always go Grace Kelly and wear it across the front of the neck, bringing one end around to fall down your side. Designer silk scarves look terrific worn in this way. You can also tie thicker scarves, or simply wear them long, with the fringe draping around your neck. You can also throw on a simple cotton scarf with a pair of your favorite denim and a white tank top. It just adds a little color and softness to your day.


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