Why is designer denim so expensive?

We get asked this question daily, the reason for denim being at such a high price these days is quite simple; denim plays an increasingly important part of our wardrobes, hence the fact we need our denim to play a greater role in our daily life. Many employers allow their employees to wear denim to the work place which means there needs to be more options for women to wear their denim and still look professional. After all, you don’t want to give the impression you are heading out to a local club when you are working at the bank. Because of this designers and manufacturers have had to come up with new and improved ways to create durability, wear ability and ‘style’ also thinking of the effect on the environment. AG Denim for example uses very little water also decreasing the use of chemicals.

The cost of cotton has increased greatly with Italian cotton gaining he most momentum. Top of the line fabrics being made in Europe instead of Hong Kong, domestic sewing nd hand-finished washes all contribute to the price of premium denim. Just think ladies Levi Strauss Company bid $46,532 to buy back a pair of their own brand of denim on the popular auction site e-bay.

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