When I clean out my closet how do I know what stays and what goes?

Spring is a great time to go through your closet and drawers and get rid of items; here are a few guidelines to get started.

1) Clothing you do not like or never wear

2) Out of style pieces (not classic styles)

3) Never worn and probably won’t wear

4) Clothing that needs repairs that you would not wear even if was repaired.

Granted this is hard to do, but you’ll feel relieved when it is over. Donate to your local charities; you’ll feel great doing it. I would also recommend getting a friend to help; it will keep you in track. When you buy clothing to re-vamp your wardrobe stick to basics/classic styles and colors. Start with a color like black, gray, navy etc… then purchase all clothing that works with it; this way you can mix and match each piece and have more options. Add accessories for POP and purchase clothes for the activities you are involved in. Once you get your base wardrobe you can slowly expand on it. Have fun ladies.


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