Wedding season “DO’s”

You have received an invitation to your friend’s wedding, you are already brainstorming for the perfect gift when it occurs to you “What am I going to wear? What’s appropriate?”. You need to put your detective cap on and look for clues. The first clue is in the invitation. Is it in flowing engraved black script on a heavy card stock paper with formal language? Chance are the wedding is going to be similarly formal. If the invitation is more casual with the heading “we’re getting hitched” you are likely attending a casual event.

For a daytime wedding try a fun floral dress or a skirt and light sweater. Try to avoid darker colors like black or navy for a daytime event. Think about where the wedding is set, if it is outdoors avoid anything that will compete with the wind, and of course high heeled shoes that sink in sand and grass. If the wedding is planned for a hot environment go for something light and breezy to help keep you cool; no one likes those pesky sweat stains. Cocktail dresses work best for an evening wedding (nothing too sexy), black and dark colors work here as these colors look more sophisticated. If you are invited to a black tie event you need to take things up a notch. Formal floor length dresses, fancy wraps and beading on your clutch; your formal jewelry has been waiting for this evening all year. Black tie weddings usually involve dancing, so don’t go too constricting.


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