The Secret to Colour

Colour, Colour and More Colour

Choose your Colours

Have you ever had one of those days when everyone comments on how amazing you look? Chances are you have stumbled upon a flattering colour. The right one can do wonders, brightening up your eyes and evening out your skin tone. The wrong one will have you reaching for more make up.

Everyone can wear colour-it all comes down to finding the right shade of that colour for you. The shades that suit you depend on your skin tone, the colour of your eyes and hair. Here are some general but not set in stone-guidelines.

Women with Pale Skin & Darkest Brown, Black, or Blond Hair: Often do well with saturated brights such as violet, red, royal blue and emerald green.

Women with Medium Brown to Dark Blond Hair and Warmer Skin Tones: Often do better with tempered alternatives such as lavender, corals, turquoise and olive greens. Of course someone with jet black hair and pale skin can also look good in olive green but it might be that emerald shade will be the one that makes her stand out in the crowd.

You’ll often find many wearable colours but in the interest of a working closet, you’ll be better off limiting your wardrobe to a few neutrals (such as beige, black and white), and mixing three or four bright colours that coordinate with them for each season. Don’t be afraid to try a coloured skirt and a top in a different hue, or a pastel paired with something more shocking. Being brave with your colour can be extremely liberating.

Going Monochromatic: There are compelling reasons to dress all in one colour. A long unbroken colour line creates a polished look and makes you appear slimmer. Stark colour contrasts from horizontal lines that divide your body, sometimes making it appear wider and shorter.

Wearing light and Bright: Light and bright colours can draw attention to the parts of your figure that you want to accentuate. While dark colours might make you look slimmer, lighter shades can brighten your face, lift your mood and showcase your individual style. You should never be afraid of colour, but there are ways to overdo it. A good general rule-with the exception of prints-is to stick to a maximum of three colours in any given outfit. Any more, and the colours lose their punch.

The greatest advice I can give is to experiment with colours to find the shade for you. Using colour strategically by combining brights and darks helps you balance your silhouette, keeping in mind that Dark minimizes and elongates while Light highlights and accentuates. If you prefer stick to darker shades, you can accent your look with a pair of bright heels, a bag in a bold hue or a vibrant statement necklace. “Enjoy putting some colour in your day.”


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