The “LWS” – Little White Shirt

A white button front shirt might be the most basic men’s wear staple, but on a woman it becomes fresh and sexy. If this top received a report card, it would read “plays well with others”. You can dress it up and dress it down and it never goes out of style. Choose a fabric such as cotton or twill with just the slightest amount of stretch. This will give the shirt some structure and eliminate the worry of it being too sheer. The body of the shirt should follow your contours without pulling or tugging across the back, under the arms or under the waist. It shouldn’t gape open at the bust and buttons should not be hanging on for dear life. A longer length shirt is the most versatile because you can either tuck it into skirts, pants or wear it un-tucked and cinch it in with a belt. A shirt’s sleeves should hit just before the joint in your thumb closest to your wrist. Any longer and they will be unattractively dragging in your soup.


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