Secrets of Stylish Women


The best-dressed women are exactly that because they wear the clothes and don’t let the clothes wear them. Now I am more than aware that for the red carpet events, well for most important events theses icons use a small army of people and stylist to make them look their best. While they do look dazzling ON that carpet, for me I’m more interested in what and how they wear their clothes OFF the carpet.

There are many women and their style that I admire like Kate Moss with her rock ‘n’ roll edginess, Jennifer Anistons classic minimalism, Rachel Bilson youthful coolness and Camilla Belles’s mix of fun prints and clean lines that make me take notice. But there are very few that make my list of “Style Icons” These two women always seem to be grace the cover and pagers of all the top leading fashion magazines as well as those not so leading gossip mags. I have been a loyal follower of these women for as long as I can recall and have copy their looks on more than one occasion.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow, these are just a few reasons why these two gals have always been at the top of my list.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Quirky individualism is her fashion focus. The Sex and the City star loves clothes in all their forms. Never afraid to take chances, she deftly combines colours, textures, and shapes to add her uniqueness to every outfit. Sarah avoids getting stuck in a fashion rut and is consistent only about changing up her look, from modern and cool to boho babe to lovely lady.


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