I have a blouse that I love but can’t find anything in my closet to go with it.

This is something that we have all faced at some point. That great piece that you absonlutely had to have because it was so fabulous; only to find when you get it home it doesn’t go with anything in your existing wardrobe. This may seem like a big problem but it can easily be rectified. Not all stores will allow you to bring in merchandise you have purchased elsewhere but we here at 104 GREY we not only encourage but we highly recommend bringing in that troublesome item. Whether it be a piece of clothing, jewelry, shoes or your favorite nail polish, we can easily find something it will work with, getting that fabulous find out of hibernation. This way it is an alternative to wasting your hard earned money collecting a bunch of ‘maybe’ pieces instead of the one ‘exact’ go to piece.

104 GREY Clothing & Accessories Ltd.


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