How to be Hot When the Weather Dips below Zero

In the Know with Knits

Cozy and comfortable sweaters of all styles are wardrobe mainstays. Are you the type of person who dreams of snuggling up in a soft sweater in front of the fire when the leaves start to change? Do you put on your chunky cashmere turtleneck at the first sign of snow? Do you always have a cardi on hand, even in the dead of summer? Most of us rely on knits-thick or thin, chic or classic, playful or refined-for practical purposes. But woolies should not be reserved for weekends only. A warm-weather frock, for example, instantly gets a fall feel when paired with a weighty wrap sweater, a soft alternative to a jacket or coat. Here are a few of my personal fav’s and how I like to wear them on a Cold Winter Day.

Chunky: A heavy cardigan works as a light coat. But layer this over only a slim pant, a skirt or leggings or other- wise you’ll just look weighed down.

Sweater-dress: A fitted knit frock is a sexy look for all body types. If you can wear it try this one with a wide belt, tights and boots.

Classic Cardigan: A slim button-up is a subtle way to tone down a voluminous top or dress. One button fastened is enough to define your waist. Try belting it with a skinny belt and jeans for a winter cool vibe.

V-neck: The menswear style sweater is a staple for its versatility. It can be slightly sexy when worn with a camisole or nothing underneath, and looks sharp and smart over a crisp white shirt or a feminine print blouse.

Vest: What you wear under this simple sleeveless item will set the tone for your look. A menswear shirt says serious, a blouse says sweet and a plain T-shirt says edgy.

Be open to new ways of styling sweaters. They have become superchic wardrobe essentials. Pair turtlenecks with full or pencil skirts (consider this for the office or an evening out), put a slightly loose-fitting boyfriend v-neck over a crisp white shirt worn with wide leg trousers, or a nearly sheer cashmere cardi to go with a camisole and ball skirt. The biggest risk you run with these winter woolies is adding pound. Battle the bulkiness with a belt – over think or thin knits. Also, when wearing a cardigan try leaving it open and belting the top underneath. That way your waist will be defined and sweater will be relaxed and easy.

Pay attention to where your sweater hits, a piece that ends right above your hips can add thickness. Try slightly longer cuts that fall at midhip. In addition, think about clinginess. If your tummy’s not it use to be, trying a draped cut will hide your goodies nicely.

Whatever your style may be bold with your knits and put some fabulous in those chilly winter days.


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