How do I dress my age?

A customer looked at a hot new trend an complimented how amazing it was. When I offered for her to try it on, she said “No thanks honey. If you get to wear it the first time around, you don’t get to wear it the second.” We laughed. Yes, fashion does go full circle, but these days it’s much more up to the individual for what’s age appropriate than the strict rules of the past.

20’s: You have the opportunity to take the most risks. Experiment with the hottest trends. Have fun, but make sure to understand your body type so that you choose appropriate lengths, shapes and colors.

30’s: You get to stop being a slave to fashion and you start to feel comfortable with your personal style. You may want to rest those low-slung thong-baring pants and discover the sex-appeal in great tailoring and flattering essentials.

40’s: Your wardrobe now has 60% well-made staples that carry you strongly through each season. Try liberal interpretations that are once or twice removed from the original catwalk version to make up the other 40%.

50’s: If a whole new look doesn’t feel right for you, just sample elements of it. After a certain age, you’ll want to say goodbye to second-skin cling, cropped tops and thigh high spiky boots. Do get the jeans of the season, the cool shirt and the hippest handbag.

60’s: Try to refrain from whimsical details such as decorated collars, novelty buttons, frills and fussy lines. Instead, introduce clean, simple lines that look sharper. Find bold patterns, glamorous metallics and strong colors within the new trends.


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