Handbag Central


Changing your handbag is just about the fastest, easiest way to change your look….and there’s a style for almost any statement you’d ever want to make.

Your favorite handbag is a treasured accessory as well as your fashion work horse: You take it with you where ever you go and we rely on it to pull our look together.

There are fun, trendy bags, and then there are the classics, those pieces built for longevity. So how many of them are out there??

Well let’s start with my top 8

‘The Shoulder Bag’ this refers to any bag that can go over your shoulder, they can have one or two strap.

‘The Satchel’ a leather bag with a rigid, flat bottom it’s usually rectangular with double straps.

‘The Tote’ a bag with short handles, it typically has an open top and is big enough to carry just about anything from a laptop to your kitchen sink.

‘The Clutch’ this one is a small to medium sized handheld bag, which is most often used as a statement piece to amp up your outfit.

‘The Hobo’ the bohemian-style bag is slouchy and roomy with one strap that sits on your shoulder.

‘The Messenger’ rectangular in shape, small to medium in size this practical bag has a long adjustable strap that can be worn across the body to free up your arms.

‘Structured Ladylike’ this beautiful girl will have reinforced leather so that it holds its shape, it often has shorter straps that you hold in your hand or dangle from your arm. Some also come with long chain straps that can go over the shoulder.

‘The Evening Bag’ fun, fun, fun this one can be made of rich materials like satin or silk, they can also have fun statement features like beading, sequins, feathers and studs. They can be carried clutch like, with a long thin strap or wristlet.




Handbags can be fashion in just about anything from natural fabrics to man-made materials. There are many options; here is a little roundup and what you can expect from each.

Leather: is a durable, breathable material that will last decades and get better with age.

Nylon: depending upon their composition, weave and attendant hardware this is a versatile, weather proof handbag material.

Patent Leather: these leathers have been coated in oils and dried so that the surface is super shiny.

Canvas: woven linen or hemp is usually casual and inexpensive.

Exotic Skin: alligator tends to be the most expensive followed by ostrich, lizard and snake skin. These are desirable for their texture and durability. (There are great lookalike exotics out there which are half the price but still have the WOW facture)


We all have an emotional attachment to our bags and what they say about us which is understandable. Not only is it our portable office, diaper bag and make up parlor, but also a beautiful carryall that has major style impact and for many of us our security blanket.

Weather you have the go to fav that has been with you for 20 years or you are thinking of an upgrade, enjoy what this wonderful creation has done for our lives and just imagine what it would be like without it.


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