Build the Ultimate Wardrobe

“A girl should be two things: Classy & Fabulous.”

-Coco Chanel

Everyday sometimes two or three times, you open those closet doors and think, what am I going to wear? Occasionally, due to the excitement over a recent purchase or a specific event, the answer is an easy one: “Ooh…I’m going to debut my new dress” or “I have a meeting with the boss and must have on my lucky power suit.” But most of the time it’s the age-old dilemma: “I have nothing to wear.” So we end up standing in front of the closet for what seems like an eternity trying to figure out the perfect outfit for the day, giving consideration to your mood, the weather, children, and how much time has lapsed. Worse yet you go through multiple creations and inevitably end up running late for work, confused, flustered and with a huge pile of clothes on the bed to come home to. But all is not lost. There is a way out of this clothes quagmire, and a properly stocked closet, filled with all the right basics, is a great place to start.

Closet Essentials:The five pieces every woman should own. No wardrobe is complete without certain tried-and-true staples that work as the foundation for any look. Here are the fashion necessities for the well-rounded, well-dressed wardrobe/woman. Use these key items as building blocks:

  1. A Crisp White Shirt, Dressed up or down it will always be chic.
  2. A Great pair of Jeans, A straight cut in a bark wash is more versatile.
  3. A Pencil Skirt, This can be A-line if it’s more flattering for your body type but should be simple and refine.
  4. A Dark – Preferably black – Lean suit, The jacket and trousers can be worn separately for more mileage.
  5. A Little Black Dress, This key piece will never let you down.

 Timeless Staples: Once you have your closet essentials down, it’s time to think about stocking up on pieces that will always look great, no matter the trend. Think versatility, longevity and everlasting appeal – the clothing that style setters from Catherine Deneuve to Kate Moss have always relied on.

  • White tees: they are the standard. You’ll always find use for a basic white tee, whether atop of denim on weekends or paired with a dressy skirt for a sporty edge.
  • White Jeans: a more glamorous take on basic jeans, theses clean pants are effortlessly cool. They even work in winter with a chunky knit or faux fur (very après ski!)
  • Trousers: channel Katherine Hepburn with classic slouchy pants. They’re all about refined ease; pair them with a soft blouse or a crisp button-up.
  • Shift Dress: think Jackie O’s simple but polished style. The minimal frock couldn’t be easier to wear-working with a blouse or tee under, with flats or pumps.
  • Blazer or Boucle Jacket: Coco Chanel made this a wardrobe must. Worn with a matching skirt or with jeans, boxy or fitted, adds instant luxe.
  • Trench Coat: It’s the ultimate symbol of chic, loved by women young, old, curvy, slim, conservative or edgy. It’s a versatile piece that is at the same time practical, glamorous and cool.

There are some items of clothing that are impervious to trends and never fail to look good, no matter what year it is. Wearing one of these ever-stylish standards, you’re sure to feel confidently well dressed, always.


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