Belt Basics


This reliable accessory can be your outfit’s best friend, but sometimes picking the right belt can be downright confusing. When worn with know-how, a belt in the right width and colour can help slim and balance your figure. It also is an easy way to add a pop and drama to your wardrobe. Here are a few tricks of the trade that will make selecting the right one, well, a cinch!

Wide: Usually 2 – 4 inches in width, a wide belt can be worn at the waist or slung around the hips, if you are more comfortable with hip belts look for ones that are curved as they sit on the hip better, these are the perfect match for long tops and tunics.

Waist-Cincher: These girls are usually wide and nipping in at the waist, this belt never sits at the hip, pair her with a crisp white shirt and high-waist pants or over a blazer for great definition of your figure.

Narrow: Less than 2 inches wide, this style can be worn with just about any outfit and can be positioned either at the waist or on the hips. Great for adding a waist and balance while wearing this season’s chunky knits.

Double-Wrap: This is one of my favorites; they are double the length of normal belts, usually thin or 2 inches in width. Try this fun option in a bright colour, if you are bold enough try tying it in a knot instead of using the buckle.

Embellished: Whether featuring a large bejeweled buckle or hardware-dotted straps, this is a true statement piece and is all about the details. FYI just keep in mind that a decorative belt always draws attention to your waits.

Denim: Dark brown or black in colour they are most often made from leather, wide but not to wide. They fit through loops with ease and can make any jeans and white tee stand out in a crowd.

Buckles: One or more buckles can blend in with the rest of the belt or be its focal point, depending upon style and material. Closures can come in the form of snaps, clips, or hooks, among other styles; leather-covered fasteners are considered classic. If you favor a fancy or elaborate buckle, keep your jewelry spare.

Fabrics: Belts come in an array of materials to choose from, including patent leather, metal chains, studs, ribbon, silk, satin, exotic skins and elastic fabrics. The majority of belts are cut from leather you may have to pay a little more that the register but remember a genuine leather belt only gets better with age and will last a life time.

So remember ladies the only rule, is there is “No Rule.” Be creative and belt everything even if you think you can’t or shouldn’t just belt it.


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