A Whimsical Spring

With spring in the air we are faced with all the colors and wonders. The big question is what colors will work for you?? Pastels are a prominent fixture this spring, with color families ranging from lavenders, soft lemons and apricots.

When looking for the right pastel try to avoid grey undertones as they tend to wash you out, pastels that have a brighter base will play on your natural skin tone and highlight instead of taking away.

All shades of pastels look amazing paired with greys. From gunmetal to dove grey, you will see them at their strongest this season, also making a strong appearance this spring is demure nudes and neutrals. These colors can be the hardest to work with but, by pairing them with whites and accessories with a harder edge like a studded pair of heels, belt or over sized necklace will give you the contrast you need.

Whimsical fabric will have us all getting in touch with our girly side this spring. Femininity is key in this season’s hottest looks. You can expect to see ruffles, bows, lace and floral in addition to sheer fabrics and soft draping details.

Many women question whether or not this look is too “young” but, paired with a sophisticated menswear inspired blazer or tailored pant you can play up this feminine sophistication. Don’t shy away from these lovely details because it’s the season to embrace everything that’s pretty and feminine.


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