6 Most Important Basics

Something I know for sure is that having amazing style isn’t about having all of the latest looks or having access to designer labels. You could have all the money in the world, but it still doesn’t guarantee that you’ll look great. People that truly inspire me are skilled at creating mixed outfits. Each season they recycle their old favorites. Building a functional wardrobe is like building a house. You have to have a good foundation to build from. I believe there are 6 Key pieces that every woman should have in the closet at all times:
1. Basic white T-shirt and Tank
2. Well fitting dark-wash denim jeans
3. Structured white blouse
4. The “LBD” – Little Black Dress – basic shift or sheath style
5. Pencil skirt (black or grey)
6. Black or grey slacks (slim or straight leg)
If you have these items you can put together an amazing day look, a sophisticated office look and a stunning evening look in minutes! Adding new pieces will be a fun and exciting experience. Try a cardigan in the latest color that will go great with your white T-shirt and denim jeans, brighten your Monday when you put it with a white tank and grey pencil skirt. Try putting a skinny belt over the top for a fun twist.

Whether creating your closet from scratch or giving it a huge overhaul, we recommend that you start by buying the absolute best basics you can afford. Your goal is to find timeless items that will be your foundation, giving you the opportunity to add the hottest trends from each season.


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