3 Steps to Successful Shopping

How to get the Most out of Your Shopping Experience

Having always been a collector of many beautiful things or as my husband would put it “An expensive clothes horse.” I have had many different retail experiences, some great and some not so great and now that I am an owner of a boutique I have the opportunity to experience the many wonderful ways all of our customers shop, some great, some not so great!! I got to thinking of all the things I’ve seen and over heard and witnessed and thought what if there was a “Three Step” guide to help people have the best experience? So here they are three ideas that may or may not help you be a successful shopper.

Step One: Plan set aside enough money to get what you want, and keep in mind that winter clothing cost more than spring clothing. Feel good about yourself and dress comfortably wearing light weight clothes that are easy to get into and out of, as well as simple panties and a smooth bra to avoid distracting lines, try to avoid crowds by shopping earlier in the week or in the morning. Going to smaller boutiques and getting to know the people that work there will help you have a good understanding of their product and will help them understand your needs and shopping style, it is a good idea to know their return policy.

Step Two: Focus know what works for you the shapes and colours that flatter you best, so zero in on them. Of course this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment. Buy for your everyday reality, your dream might be to wear dresses and 3inch heels, when in reality you spend more time in pants and flats. A large part of being chic is being comfortable and dressing for your lifestyle, no matter how much you love them clothes that don’t fit the criteria will only gather dust. Also buying out of desperation will only lead to returns the next day.

Step Three: Invest buy classics and build on them, spend first on basic items in solid colours, as they are the most versatile and rarely go out of style. Remember the basics are the nuts and bolts that hold your wardrobe together. Buying complete outfits, if you’re trying on a jacket that has a matching skirt or pants and you can afford it buy all three, than you can break them up for versatility. If you have a stubborn item of clothing that you can’t make work in your existing wardrobe and you can’t bear to give it away, bring it in to the store and have someone help you find some friends for that item. Buy the best quality you can afford, invest in pieces that will wear time and again. They will fit better, be made of finer material and ultimately elevate everything else you put them with.

Plan, Focus and Invest…there they are my three steps to being a successful shopper. Think of it this way you wouldn’t take a trip without a map, shopping without a plan is well, asking to get lost. ‘Happy Shopping Ladies’


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